Reading Lists

I have always wanted to create reading lists of papers, book chapters or any other sort of writing that reflects the core idea of my own vision of epidemiology. This vision is entirely based and blatantly copied from Geoffrey Rose's statement:

The primary determinants of disease are mainly economic and social, and therefore its remedies must also be economic and social. Medicine and politics cannot and should not be kept apart

-- Geoffrey Rose, The Strategy of Preventive Medicine, 1992

Enjoy the reading lists. I've indicated which "members" of each list are "permanent" and which one are "candidates for membership" in the list (meaning I have not read them yet, but seem interesting). I'm still struggling to figure out the best way to go about creating the lists for them to be useful. Consider this an exercise in (for now) meaningless curation of random-ish papers.

Current (under constant evolution) list(s):

  1. General Social Epi (Theory)

Future reading lists I plan to create (updated: April 2016)

  1. CVD, diet, and the (social) environment
  2. Marxist approaches to social epidemiology