Oral Presentations

These are presentations at scientific conferences, accepted via abstract submission. In some of them I'm the first author, in some others I have presented on behalf of the first author. I've provided slides and/or abstract when available. If you are interested in either one and it's not available below, feel free to contact me to see if I can do some more digging to find them.

  • Conference: Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Española de Epidemiología, Sevilla, September, 2016
    • Title: [Measuring Social and Economic Change in Small Areas of Madrid, Spain: Innovative Indicators and Alternative Data Sources]
    • Title: Economic Growth and Mortality: Do Social Protection Policies Matter?
  • Conference: International Conference on Urban Health, San Francisco, March-April, 2016
    • Title: Population Cardiovascular Health and Urban Environments: The Heart Healthy Hoods exploratory study in Madrid, Spain
    • Title: Healthy urban environment characterization focused on physical activity and food: A GIS-based method (on behalf of Alba Cebrecos)
    • Title: Does walkability differ by area sociodemographic profile? A study of Madrid City (on behalf of Pedro Gullon)
  • Conference: SERdigital Novel Student Methods, Online, November 2014
    • Title: Fixed versus random effects models for longitudinal data analysis of confounding in ecological time series: a simulation study