(*: Denotes co-first authorship.)

Manuscripts Under Review (as first or co-first author)

  • Bilal U, Franco M, Lau B, Celentano D, Glass T. Measuring Neighborhood Social and Economic Change for Health Studies. Under Review
  • Bilal U, Glass T, del Cura-Gonzalez I, Sanchez-Perruca L, Celentano D, Franco M. Neighborhood Social and Economic Change and Diabetes Incidence: The HeartHealthyHoods Study. Under Review
  • Miles B, Bilal U*, Hutton H, Lau B, Lesko C, Fojo A, McCaul M, Keruly J, Moore R, Chander G. Smoking, Substance Use, and Mental Health Symptoms in People with HIV in an Urban, HIV Clinic. Under Review
  • Bilal U, Lazo M, Power M. Association of Obesity and Mortality in individuals with Cardiovascular Disease and Well-Controlled Risk Factors. Under Review
  • Bilal U, Cainzos-Achirica M*, Cleries M, Santaeugenia S, Corbella X, Comin-Colet J, Vela E. Socioeconomic Status, Life Expectancy and Mortality in a Universal Healthcare Setting: An Individual-Level Analysis of More Than 6 Million Catalan Residents. Under Review

Cities and Health

Neighborhoods and Health

Macrosocial change

Smoking Dynamics

Clinical and Social Determinants of Alcohol Consumption

Cardiovascular Prevention


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