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  • Bilal U, et al. Association of Obesity and Mortality in individuals with Cardiovascular Disease and Well-Controlled Risk Factors.
  • Bilal U, et al. Heterogeneity in mortality profiles across 363 Latin American Cities: The SALURBAL project
  • Bilal U, et al. Life expectancy is highly heterogeneous across 363 cities in Latin America

Cities and Health

  • Bilal U, Diez-Roux AV, Alazraqui M, Caiaffa WT, Lopez-Olmedo N, Martinez-Folgar K, Miranda JJ, Rodriguez DA, Vives A. Life expectancy inequalities within six large Latin American cities in the SALURBAL study: an ecological analysis. The Lancet Planetary Health 2019. Accepted for Publication
  • McCulley EM, Mullachery P, Rodriguez D, Diez-Roux AV, Bilal U. Urban Scaling of Health Outcomes: a protocol for a scoping review. BMJ Open 2019. In Press
  • Quistberg DA, Diez-Roux AV, Bilal U, Moore K, Ortigoza A, Rodriguez DA, Sarmiento OL, Frenz P, Friche AA, Caiaffa WT, Vives A, Miranda JJ, the SALURBAL Group. Building a Data Platform for Cross-Country Urban Health Studies: the SALURBAL Study. Journal of Urban Health. 2019 Apr;96(2):311-337

Neighborhood Dynamics

Food Environment

Other Neighborhood Factors

Macrosocial change

Health Inequalities

Clinical and Social Determinants of Smoking

Clinical and Social Determinants of Alcohol Consumption

Cardiovascular Prevention


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