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Posters I have presented (as first author), or presented on behalf of the first author. Poster and/or abstract are available for most of them. If either one is not available below, feel free to contact me to see if I can do some more digging.

  • Conference: Reimagining Health in Cities: New Directions in Urban Health Research and Action, Drexel School of Public Health, Philadelphia, PA, September 2015
    • Title: An in-depth characterization of a neighborhood’s social and physical environment in relation to cardiovascular health
    • Title: A case study of food stores in Madrid and Baltimore: Availability and accessibility to healthy foods (on behalf of Julia Diez)
    • Title: Neighborhood sociodemographic status and walkability in Madrid (on behalf of Pedro Gullon)
    • Title: Assessing walking and cycling environments in the streets of Madrid: Comparing on-field and virtual audits (on behalf of Pedro Gullon)
  • ConferenceAHA EPI/NPAM Scientific Sessions, Baltimore, MD, March 2015
    • Title: Macroeconomic Growth is Associated with Increases in Cardiovascular Mortality in Countries with Lower Social Protection Spending
  • Conference: AHA EPI/NPAM Scientific Sessions, San Francisco, CA, March 2014
    • Title: Economic Crisis in Western Europe and Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality
    • Title: Measuring the Food, Tobacco, Alcohol and Physical Activity Urban Environments in Relation to Cardiovascular Health: The Heart Healthy Hoods Pilot Study in Madrid, Spain
    • Title: Food Stores, Food Markets and Healthy Food Availability in Comparable Urban Neighborhoods in Madrid and Baltimore
    • Title: Validation of a Walking and Cycling audit tool in the Streets of a European City: Physical and Omnidirectional Imagery Audits
  • Conference: AHA EPI/NPAM Scientific Sessions, New Orleans, LA, March 2013
    • Title: Gender Equality and female-to-male Smoking Ratio: Trends in Spain Over the Last 50 Years (1960-2010)